Rachel's world

Monday, March 26, 2007

OK so one of my duties at my job is to proctor exams. So this past Saturday I had a few people taking a test.
So one person finishes and says that the girl that was sitting in front her had her book opened. She said that she still has it open if I wanted to check.
So...I checked.. low and behold her book is open and she is CHEATING!!!! I go into the classroom and walk up to her and tell her to give me the book. She does so and I went about my business. So about 15-20 minutes go by and other people are finished and I grade their exams and "she" comes out.
She hands me her test and I told her I'm not going to grade it. She asks why. I told her because she was cheating. She totally denies it. She said that she was already done with the test and was gathering her things. Apparently I was wearing the "I'm stupid" shirt. I tell her that I will talk to the admin person and she needs to call on Monday to find out what they will do. She asks why. I said because you had the book open. She said she didn't. I said I SAW YOU. Needless to say this went on for about 45 minutes with tears flowing.
I couldn't believe my ears, eyes and every other body part.
Here she she is a late 20 something LYING!!!! How is she going to make it in the world. She kept saying what am I going to do-what am I going to tell my father. Tell him you CHEATED!!! She apparently was afraid that the Daddy gravy train was going to be cut off. She had a BMW that must have cost more that mine and Rob's cars put together.
Gimme a freakin break!!!

She really pissed me off when she said--"You don't know my problems".
Yeah can you believe that???
I told her "You don't want to know my problems!" Stupid bitch!!!

Anyways--needed to get that off my chest. She really put a damper on my whole day.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Couple things--Don't you hate when someone asks you a question then either doesn't listen or repeats the wrong info. Why did you ask if you weren't listening. I mean really are you that stupid. I mean I work part-time and answer phone to talk to dopes!!

Why is it that people are so impolite? You say hi or hold a door open for some jerk and they don't even smile at you let alone say thanks. Well screw you mister next time I'll let the door slam you in the face.

Okay last thing..At my bi-monthly chemo-sessions there are some strange birds. Today is the first day of my "new date". ( I used to go on Fridays with a subdued crowd but since Lindsay is in school I figured it would be easier to go and not have to ask my mother in law to watch her) Anyway there were weirdos there today. Some old lady who can't hear correctly butting in to conversations and not making any sense. Maybe it's that she needs attention but man shut it. Also some lady who looks like she raided Tammy Faye's make up kit. Whoa - who let the clown in here.
At least the nurses are good and they got me out in time to retreive my little princess!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Woo Hoo it's March!! We have made it another month.
Good news-doctor has upped my meds but I go less frequently and I'm still feeling good.

Something I want to get of my chest--Anna Nicole--yeah she was a big ole mess and she left behind a big ole mess but I can't help thinking of her poor baby. She is innocent in all of this and all she knows is that her Mommy is gone and not coming back. Who knows who the father is and if it isn't they man who is on her birth certificate then this baby is going to have to go to someone she doesn't know!! I don't care about the adults in this situation but that poor baby is all I can think of. It makes me depressed and glad that I am not in that situation.

Anyway....that's all for now.