Rachel's world

Friday, April 04, 2008

Back to the drawing board....
Well I was dealt a shitty hand recently-no I don't mean cards either.
I have been feeling a little weak in the legs and arms for a while and thought because I had in bed for a few days battling a cold, I thought I was just weak. Well it just started to get worse problems getting off the couch, climbing stairs, grocery shopping, you name it. I finally said something to the doctor and of course they order a battery of tests.

That's fine because I also had my routine Ct scans coming up too and I was anxious to see what the new drug was doing since my hair is coming back. So they did MRI's on my back-nothing compromising my spine-good. The MRI of the the old noggin shows some cancer--NICE. I am currently undergoing 15 treatments of radiation. The doctor is VERY optimistic that this is going to get rid of whatever needs not to be there-which in turn makes me feel very confident that it is going to work.

However they still do not know whether the weakness is due to the brain malfunction or if it's the chemo doing something wacky so-wish me luck.