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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I have just read a news article about a little girl who was beaten by her mother and stepfather apparently because she forgot to say yes sir or something equally absurd. On Saturday I read the newspaper as I do every week and was appalled at the stories I was reading.

A local woman drowned her 9 month old daughter, A mother in Washington DC killed her four kids, Some nut threw his kids off a bridge because he had a fight with his wife, another asshole stabbed his kids and their mother then himself and set fire to his house in an effort to conceal his crime. Should I go on....

I was so depressed after reading these stories and just wanted to go pick up my own daughter and hold her. How on earth can anyone look at the face of a child let alone another human and decide whether they are disposable?

I just can't believe what somepeople are capable of..



At 8:47 PM , Blogger Carrie said...

THIS is the kind of shit I've been talking about. gah.


hey, speaking of assholes... HUGE my bad for not even calling when I was home for christmas. I was sick, and sure as hell didn't want to pass anything on to you. Mom's got a gift for Lindsay from us.. it comes with much love. forgetful, rude, not CALLING love... but love nonetheless.

miss you. prayers continue.


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