Rachel's world

Friday, February 16, 2007

Another day Another chemo session. Actually not too bad anymore. I now go every other week instead of every week. My tumor count is now 3--it started (from what I remember) in the high 20's. This is very good news. I received an e-mail the other day asking to sign a petition to help women under going mastectomies with hospitalization. I signed it and sent it off to a few women I felt were important to me and hopefully would sign and sent it out to others. Of course the most important person on the list-my cousin was good enough to relate my story and sent it out to solicit more signatures. Thankfully I do not need the surgery but I certainly feel for those who do.

I miss my cousin immensely and miss the old days of us playing and getting in trouble. We were/are like sisters and I love her just as much as if we were. I am glad to have her love and support!!

On to the lighter side of life...Lindsay had her 1st Valentine's party on Thursday because school was closed on Wednesday --the teacher said they were watching a Valentine themed video and one of her friends named Dennis put his arm around her and told her that she was his girlfriend. She apparently was repulsed by that and backed off--Oh how happy that made her Daddy!!!

Anyway she has a close knit group of friends that she generally hangs with and is quite content with them so it makes Mom happy.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I haven't left the house since Sunday.

Help-I know what it means to cabin fever now. I was hoping for a nice snow storm, instead we get ice, rain, hail--what suck weather!!

Hopefully Lindsay will be in school tomorrow. She finally staring to be more like herself agian, I'm not sure if that's a good thing though.

Anyway, I hope to leave the house soon and interact with others.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ok--my daughter was running a fever as of Saturday. I took her work w/ me because Dad had a few appointments--no biggie. We get home and she wants to sleep in "the big bed" (Mom and Dad's bed)-again no bigggie. I lay sdown with her and wonder what the heat is set on because it's so freakin HOT!!! Needless to say it was her!! She had a FEVER. So Dad comes home and we are debating what to do. Early evening arrives and I say I'm going to take her to the ER. He says let's wait a while......

Famous last words--we wound up at JFK's Er at 4AM!!!! They gave her some Motrin, an X-ray, and a prescription for an antibotic.

Today is Tuesday--her cold is still here-her cough sounds more like a seal barking than a little girl. Also her voice is almost gone-which could be a good thing.

So no school for her today and were waiting for this "snow" to come. I know we'll get screwed because tomorrow is her first school Valentine party and her first school trip. I'm sure she would like to snow better anyway.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

I am officially one of those housewives/mothers who go shopping during the day while their child is in school. Yep-me and all the senior citizens(who shouldn't be driving a car or a shopping cart!)
Why is it that no one cares about anyone else except themselves. It is butt-ass cold out and there are STUPIDS not letting a pedestrian walk in front of them to get into a store. Instead I have to wait in -10 degrees for some dumbass in her Mercedes to drive past while lighting her cancer sticks so I can go into a freaking store!!

Whatever lady!!
I'm off to pick up my kid from school.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cancer sucks!! I am so happy that my treatments are going well but my freakin hair is starting to come out again. I hate wearing a hat. I feel like I am 10years old again. ( God knows I do not want to go back to that point in my life) Anyway...oh the money I am saving in styling products!!!

So sorry to hear about the Nazi's Porq!!!