Rachel's world

Monday, March 03, 2008

Howdy folks!

Been some time since I felt like "talking" but here goes.

One-Today's weather made me feel good today. It is sunny and the temp will probably max out near 60 degrees.

Two-I got a nice e-mail from a friend that made feel all tingly.

Three-I am feeling pretty good about myself these days. My HAIR--yes I said HAIR--is starting to grow back. Not like Crystal Gayle or anything but I actually got it "trimmed" about three weeks ago because I was looking pretty crazy. But I have put away the baseball caps and actually used some styling product to keep my hair in place.

Lastly I have started the 4th cycle in the new DRUG I am on and in about another month I will have CT scans to see how this is doing. I HOPE HOPE HOPE that I can stay with this. It's nice to have hair again. Also I feel pretty good and DO NOT want to start something new.