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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Well it's been a long while since my last rant-I mean post. Few things have happened.

We had a vacation in Arizona the beginning of December and it was a beauty. It was cool to get out of this dirty town and see something new. No smog or pollution but the Border patrol was out and in force!!! We were visiting Rob's brother and sister in law and did a little early Christmas celebrating. Since they come out every year we decided to go there. It was cool.
Of course Lindsay got sick. I swear every time we leave the state she gets a cold. She must need the pollution laiden air to survive--like some kind of mutant kid!

Anyway, I am now on PLAN C for cancer control. The CT scan I had a few weeks ago showed that the spots on my liver were getting a little bigger. So off one drug and onto another. This one should allow my hair to start growing back. And I really am feeling pretty good with this one. Not feeling tired and run down like I was with the last drug so WOO HOO!!

So Christmas was good to us and we had the family over including My FATHER!!! Shocking as it sounds it was cool. We haven't spent a holiday together in a very long time--well Sean, my Dad, and me so it was cool. Also the week before Lindsay had a little concert at school and it was too cute. All these little kids attempting to sing holiday songs. We had a good time.

Other than that all is quiet for the time being. Hopefully 2008 will bring bigger and much better things for everyone!!



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